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Is Bali cheesy enough? Go through this 8-point quiz to discover facts about love and lust surrounding this enchanting island!

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(1) In the film Eat, Pray, Love, the main character Elizabeth Gilbert came to Bali and found her love who is:

(A) A Balinese man

(B) An Italian man

(C) Her first husband

(D) A Brazilian man

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Answer: (D) A Brazilian man. Elizabeth left her first husband and the film did not tell that she returned to him. A Balinese man, Ketut Liyer, was a traditional healer who only acted as her spiritual adviser. Elizabeth went to Italy to eat, not really to love.


(2) Much of Bali’s image as an art and cultural wonderland was started by Walter Spies, who eventually resided in Bali and believed that the creative inclinations of the islanders derive from folklore and religious beliefs. In 1939 he was arrested by Dutch colonial authorities for what offense?

(A) Rape of a female servant

(B) Sexual relations with underaged boys

(C) Adultery

(D) Public masturbation

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Answer: (B) Sexual relations with underaged boys. Walter Spies was a painter and musician who went to Bali. He was the leading personality in making Balinese arts and lifeways known to the Western world by the late 1920s, partly the reason why streams of anthropologists and artists became attracted to the island. He was gay.


(3) Clifford Geertz, a prominent anthropologist, wrote an essay about Balinese cockfighting. What was its title?

(A) Deep Play

(B) The Sexual Life of the Savages

(C) The Empty Shell

(D) The Chrysanthemum and the Sword

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Answer: (A) Deep Play. It’s an essay about masculine power in Bali as manifested through village activities such as cockfighting. The Sexual Life of the Savages is a post-punk music album released in 2005 (while The Sexual Life of Savages in North-Western Melanesia is an ethnography by the anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski published in 1929). The Empty Shell is a recent ethnography of witchcraft in an Indonesian island, and The Chrysanthemum and the Sword is about the Japanese people.


(4) Semara, the god of love in Balinese mythology, lives in the:

(A) Caves

(B) Ocean

(C) Volcanoes

(D) Sky

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Answer: (D) Sky. The sky in Balinese mythology is still divided into different parts, but for now we will be content that the god of love resides in one of these. We’ll just have to accept the traditional narrative.


(5) This anthropologist once stated that the Balinese do not have “free libido in the whole culture.”

(A) Charles Darwin

(B) Margaret Mead

(C) Howard Carter

(D) Edmund Hillary

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Answer: (B) Margaret Mead. The only rose among the three other thorns. Her expertise touches on child personality and development. Charles Darwin was a naturalist who was more into rocks and birds, Howard Carter was an archaeologist who discovered King Tutankhamun’s tomb in Egypt, while Edmund Hillary was a mountaineer who was among the first to step on Mount Everest’s peak.


(6) A growing urban legend in Bali in which a curse is said to cause persons not being able to marry is said to primarily affect travelers to the island who are:

(A) Singles

(B) Married couples

(C) Unmarried couples

(D) Same sex couples

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Answer: (C): Unmarried couples. Legend has it that an unmarried but engaged royal couple went to Bali to enjoy themselves. After having sex, the prince refused to marry the princess and left her. In her anguish, the princess is said to have placed a curse on unmarried couples going to Bali, their relationship ending soon in a break-up to prevent marriage.


(7) Caffeine gives a punch for energy in sexual performance. Crops that produce these three caffeine-containing beverages below are all being cultivated in the Balinese highlands. Which of the following puts Indonesia among the commodity’s top 10 global producers anytime within 2014-2016?

(A) Coffee

(B) Tea

(C) Cocoa

(D) All of the above

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Answer: (D) All of the above. Yup, a huge tropical country with lots of highlands made possible by volcanoes, Indonesia possesses the planting requirements of these three major products to satisfy your daily cravings for a hot drink and snack.


(8) Andrew Chan, one of the convicted drug traffickers of the “Bali Nine” who was in death row, was married to Yogyakarta princess Febyante Herewila when?

(A) A year before his execution

(B) Two months before his execution

(C) A week before his execution

(D) Two days before his execution

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Answer: (D) Two days before his execution. Andrew Chan, arrested at the international airport in Denpasar for drugs in 2006, met the princess (who is a pastor) during one of the latter’s jail visit. After Andrew proposed to her in February 2015, the two were wed on April 27 of that year. His execution took place two days after.


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Text and photos by Skippy

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