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A Visit Back to 1954, Through The Graveyard

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How did Filipino men groom themselves in 1954?

In the middle of the 20th century while the Philippines have just recovered from devastation of the Second World War, lifestyles in the country continued to be abreast with those of the international scene. It was a time of growing prosperity when standards of living were becoming among the highest in the Western Pacific.

My grandfather was then in his prime. A war veteran and accountant, he had great optimism as the war finally ended and he was going home. A few years later he was unfortunately diagnosed with a form of cancer and passed away in 1954. He was in his early 40s.

He was shortly buried in Cuyapo, a small agricultural town on the central plains of Luzon Island. At death, it has been the tradition to place things associated with the dead in his or her grave.

In 2008 when our grandmother, his wife, died it was decided to place together both her cremated remains and what was left of our grandfather in one small crypt. It was therefore necessary to exhume his remains. Thus we discovered the things placed alongside him at the time of his burial.

What were grandpa’s style and grooming paraphernalia before he left?


The old familiar razor


Blade of razor




Colgate toothpaste


Toothpaste still full.


Quarter (side) of a shoe


Heel of a shoe


Case for a grooming kit




Belt buckle


Men’s comb

Text and photos by Jack G. L. Medrana

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